Catch Him in the Act – More Indicators to Tell If Your Man is Gay

So you’ve tried all the other lists but you still can’t determine whether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not. Not with another woman, but sadly with another man! Closet gay men who have girlfriends for fronts are actually more common than people think. Watch out because what could be a funny story could actually be happening to you at this very moment! It would be a tragedy to discover that your man had… unique tastes… in partners when you’ve already tied the knot and have kids.

So what are a few more tips to spot the problem early? These are not sure-fire ways to discover your boyfriend’s true sexual orientation but they definitely help in spotting the commonly recurring symptoms. Because as they say when there’s smoke, there’s fire. Here are a few good indicators to discover if your boyfriend is somebody else’s girlfriend:

– The shifty eyes: When you two are walking in the mall or jogging in the park, it pays to watch your boyfriend’s eyes. A lot of gay men who appreciate beauty of their liking, their eyes usually rest on a lot of the hot guys that come your way. Watch out though, this may just be his way of sizing the other men up, but if it comes with a wink, you know you’re in for trouble.

– The Oprah quotes: Like everyone belonging in an exclusive group, gay people are proud of their own. So if his quotations keep coming from gay sources like Oscar Wilde, Alexander the Great and Allen Ginsberg, look out. He may just be a really educated man, when he quotes these individuals but when he starts quoting Oprah, be afraid-be very afraid.

– The over the top gay bashing: They say that those who most virulently bash gays and lesbians are in fact some of those that are most uncomfortable with their genders. Because they don’t want to get caught, because of self loathing or a variety of other reasons, closeted gay men are some of the most extreme gay bashers of